7:15 Registration and Continental Breakfast
7:50 Welcome.
M. Cypel


CHAIR: Shaf Keshavjee

8:00 When should we NOT put a patient on ECLS?
Eddy Fan
8:15 ECLS considerations during lung transplantation
Cyril Serrick
8:30 ECPR.  Should we go there?
Michael McMullen
8:50 Strategies to avoid complications during cannulation.
Laura Donahoe
9:05 Interactive session: ECLS challenging case 1
Niall Ferguson
9:20 Interactive session: ECLS challenging case 2
Tom Waddell
9:35 Discussion
10:00 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors


Donor Management and EVLP

CHAIR: Marcelo Cypel

10:30 Joel Cooper Lecture:
Building an ECLS Program.
Michael McMullen
11:00 Clinical potential of ex vivo lung perfusion
Shaf Keshavjee
11:15 State of the art in donor lung retrieval and preservation
Jonathan Yeung
11:30 DCD and MAID donors for lung transplantation
Dirk Van Raemdonck
11:45 Key perioperative management strategies during lung transplantation
Marcelo Cypel
12:00 Discussion
12:30 Lunch break


Hot topics in Lung Transplantation

CHAIR: Lianne Singer

2:00 Transplantation of HCV donors.
Jordan Feld
2:15 Single vs. Double lung transplantation: what is the evidence?
Dirk van Raemdonck
2:35 Challenges of rebuilding a lung transplant program.
Tiago Machuca
2:55 Transplant Oncology: abdominal organs.
Gonzalo Sapisochin
3:10 Transplant Oncology: evidence in lung.
Marc DePerrot
3:25 Discussion with Audience Participation

All Speakers

3:45 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors

Practical issues in Lung Transplantation

CHAIR: Cecilia Chaparro

4:15 Challenges in the scleroderma lung transplant patient.
Matthew Binnie
4:30 New immunosuppressive strategies.
Stephen Juvet
4:45 General approaches to AMR.
Jussi Tikkanen
5:00 Frailty of the lung transplant candidate: what exactly is it?
Lianne Singer
5:15 What’s new in the treatment of CLAD.
Tereza Martinu
5:15 Discussion
5:40 Challenging cases in Transplantation
Case 1: Patient with coronary artery disease.
Loretta Daniel

Case 2: CF patient.
Cecilia Chaparro

6:30 Reception: All participants
MaRS Auditorium Concourse

EVLP Demonstration: MARS building
Shaf Keshavjee
Marcelo Cypel
Manyin Chen